Secret menu items are trending on TikTok

Starbucks items becoming popular thanks to social media

Allyson Jones, Staff Writer

Between TikTok and Instagram, Starbucks’ “secret menu” drinks have been gaining popularity. The secret menu is an alteration of an already existing drink. When adding substitutions and additional flavoring with the syrups, you can create a custom drink — from things like a Skittles Frappuccino, Rainbow Refresher and Red Velvet Frappuccino.

Chris Salvaggio (aka Salvaggio_chis) is a popular TikTok influencer with over 50,000 followers. He posts videos of him trying new Starbucks drinks off the secret menu and has accumulated over three million likes from his videos.
Just last month, Chris posted a video that has now gone viral of the “Red Gummy Bear Drink.” The base is a Strawberry Acai Refresher with modifications to change the drink. When ordering this drink, request no water and substitute with peach juice, two pumps of raspberry syrup, optional strawberries, and light ice. After getting your drink, add red gummy bears.
I went to my local Starbucks and ordered the drink. The drink was extremely sweet, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. The raspberry syrup adds a tartness to the drink, but the peach juice helps balance that tartness.
The strawberries, which are optional, added more of a sweet taste. If opting out of the strawberries, it may help the refresher to lose some of that sweetness — that is if you don’t prefer extremely sweet drinks.
Aesthetically the drink is pleasing and perfect for a picture on Instagram.
The taste is similar to the “Pink Drink Refresher” available at Starbucks. If looking to try a new trendy drink, I would recommend this “Red Gummy Bear Drink.”