After two decades, ‘Legally Blonde’ becomes a trilogy with release of third movie next May

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The movie ‘Legally Blonde’ recently was added to Netflix as of April 1st and quickly hit the Top 10 list. It has been almost seven months since MGM released the date on which a third ‘Legally Blonde’ would come out. The timing of the first original film being released to Netflix is perfect to prepare for 2022 when the third production will air.

The 2001 flick stars Reese Witherspoon as sorority “it” girl Elle Woods. Elle appears as a stereotypical “dumb blonde.” That is, until her boyfriend dumps her for not being the “Vanderbilt type.” So what does Elle do? She follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School to prove she’s not as “blonde” as she looks.
Along the journey, viewers are also introduced to Paulette Bonafonté Parcelle played by Jennifer Coolidge, who is working through a new love interest and closure from her past relationship.
The movie will bring laughs, inspiration, and a warm heart. Elle shows not only tips to upkeep beauty and flirting but depicts how any determined person can achieve their wildest dreams. Even Harvard Law!
To watch even more of Elle Woods journey for justice, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde can be streamed from Hulu. It features key main characters from the last film, along with new ones.
The sequel continues the love story between Elle Woods and finance Emmett Richmond (played by Luke Wilson) with the sequel culminating in their marriage. With a husband, a loving dog, and a law degree in tow, what could Elle Woods be up to now?
Regarding the next Legally Blonde, star Reese Witherspoon was quoted last August in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” saying, “Oh, it’s gonna be so fun! I got to go to a meeting the other day where we talked about all the new plot points and all the characters and some returning characters and some new characters.”
It has been announced that Legally Blonde 3 will finally come to theaters on May 20, 2022, the projected end of a production period that has left fans of the movie series waiting. Due to recent events of the pandemic and changes made to the writing team for the movie, putting together the production has had its setbacks.
The only true way to see how the trilogy has evolved is to watch the first Legally Blonde on Netflix, and if you can’t get enough of Elle, go to Hulu for the sequel.
This series will not only make you want to schedule an appointment to go blonde, but it may inspire you to consider law school.
If not, at least Reese Witherspoon and the rest of the well-known cast will make you smile!