Godzilla versus Kong: Who wins the battle?

Allyson Jones, Staff Writer

‘Godzilla versus Kong’ was a highly-anticipated movie of 2021. Although originally slated to release in 2019, due to the pandemic, the movie was released on HBO Max, Hulu, Amp Theaters and other streaming platforms on March 31, 2021.

The movie features actors such as Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, and Alexander Skarsgard.
The trailer was released in January 2021 and shows what seems like an action-packed movie where Kong and Godzilla battle it out and there will be an ultimate winner. The end of the trailer says, “which one will fall?”
Despite this, the movie is action-filled and fast-paced, great for younger viewers and adults. It is the shortest movie thus far in the series of Godzilla and King Kong films. The movie doesn’t overbore viewers with obscure details and things the viewer does not caring about, making it constantly entertaining.
The bouts that do occur between Gorilla and Kong are epic; they do not disappoint. Despite this the human aspect of the movie is underwhelming. The characters have one-dimensional traits are given to them at the beginning of the movie, remaining constant throughout.
The movie does the bare minimum for these characters, so scenes where the titans are not present lack substance; but it is still the most entertaining movie thus far in the series.
Overall, the movie is a good watch for those of all ages. This is definitely a family-friendly movie and is appropriate for all ages. If you like fast-paced, action-packed, science fiction movies, this is the movie for you.