Local restaurants offer outdoor seating

Ella McGuire, Staff Writer

After many months at home, we are finally able to be getting back to our normal routines, including eating at our favorite local restaurants. However, these owners know that you and your family might not feel comfortable sitting inside, so, many have offered spacious outdoor seating to fit to your comfort.

Black Eyed Suzie’s is located on Main Street in Bel Air. This restaurant offers plenty of outdoor seating. Black Eyed Suzie’s is a three-story tall building, so you can just imagine how much space there is. Inside, there is seating that is spaced to follow the COVID-19 guidelines, but there is seating outside on the top story level and in their parking lot.
Black Eyed Suzie’s also has tons of entertainment, including live music and First Fridays. Bel Air offers First Fridays in Black Eyed Suzie’s parking lot; you can go there and enjoy music, food, and games! If you want a restaurant with great food, entertainment, and seating to enjoy the weather, then check out Black Eyed Suzie’s.
Off Main Street in Bel Air is a restaurant with great outdoor seating: MaGerk’s Grill. Not only does MaGerk’s have outdoor seating, but it also has a fire-pit for those cold spring and summer nights
Main Street Tower is another restaurant located on Main Street, Bel Air. The Main Street Tower has an outdoor deck where you can eat, but its upstairs dining area has open windows, so the fresh air can give you a more “outdoor feel” while still dining indoors. Main Street Tower not only has spacious outdoor/indoor seating, but it has delicious food as well.
Craving delicious Italian food but still want to eat outside? Then Bacco in Abingdon is the place for you. Bacco is personally one of my favorites.
Their food is out-of-this-world, and they have a nice outdoor seating area. If the weather isn’t great, then they will put up a cover, giving you a more “indoor” or tent-like dining experience. However, the cover usually stays down, giving your family a great outdoor eating experience. Bacco is very Italian-traditional, so their food is what you would expect at an Italian restaurant.
Steelefish in Bel Air is my family’s favorite. Steelefish has everything you would want while dining: outdoor seating, amazing food, friendly staff, and live music. Be sure to check out Steelefish; it is pretty awesome.
If your family wants to dine in a rustic yet modern setting, then The Lodge in Hickory is the place to go. The Lodge offers outdoor seating, as well as an upstairs deck. They have live music, fire pits outside, great food, and plenty of seating — all wrapped up in a very rustic atmosphere.
The Lodge is well-known for its rustic, homey feel and will have you and your family very comfortable.
Enotria in Forest Hill Maryland is an authentic Italian restaurant. There is a lot of outdoor seating and very good food.
Sunny Day Café on Main Street in Bel Air is everything you would want to have at a café. Sunny Day offers small, yet spacious outdoor seating. They have crêpes, coffee, hot/cold beverages, and food you would typically find in a café. I love going to this café because of their food, fast service, and friendly staff.
Check out this petite but exceptional café next time you are on Main Street.