NBC’s show ‘Debris’ is shrouded in mystery and suspense

Giovanni Rizzotti, Entertainment Editor

It’s a very new television show, being only released two months ago. However, ‘Debris’ has already left an impact for NBC.

Debris is a science fiction television show. Officially released on March 1, 2021, the plot of the television show revolves around debris from an alien spacecraft that comes crashing down onto Earth, which causes strange effects to any human who ends up coming into contact with this debris. Two agents from different parts of the world are tasked to find these debris sites, study the effects they have, and try to prevent the debris from ending up in the hands of the wrong person.
The show stars four main characters: Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi, a CIA agent and Riann Steele as Finola Jones, an MI6 agent. These are the two agents from the different parts of the world. The two other main characters are Norbert Leo Butz as Craig Maddox, the boss of Beneventi and another CIA agent. Finally, Scroobius Pip is Anson Ash, another agent. There are also three recurring characters: Anjali Jay as Priya Jones, the boss of Jones. Gabrielle Ryan as Dee Dee, the younger sister of Jones. Finally, Sebastian Roche as Brill, another agent for MI6.
The plots for some of the episodes are wild. The first episodes revolve around a mysterious boy, later revealed to be a boy who died in a car accident, hypnotizing people and making them fall unconscious and have their bodies float into an unusual dust devil. The second plot revolves around metal objects being attracted to outside and encircling a town, trapping residents.
Another episode revolves around a group of farmers being trapped in a greenhouse due to a mysterious rain that if they exit, they start losing oxygen and being choked to death.
After the first episode came to an end, I was shocked after I had watched it. I was not sure of what to expect when seeing the commercials for the show before it first aired, but I can safely say the show has left me interested in the upcoming episodes. It is a very interesting plot concept, and I cannot wait to see how they develop the plot and the characters in the upcoming episodes.
10 episodes have aired in Season 1, with more on the way. Each episode has garnered at least 2.50 million viewers. It airs on NBC at 10:00PM EST every Monday.
Be prepared to be mystified.