Early summer movie release continues to entertain audiences

Cruella can be seen on Disney’s streaming service and OnDemand

Savannah Sieck, Staff Writer

Disney’s new movie sensation ‘Cruella,’ starring Emma Stone was released on Disney+ May 28, 2021, with an astonishing box office of $223.6 million.

In this drama/comedy/crime film, Emma Stone plays the perfect role of Cruella de Vil/Estella Miller, presenting confidence in herself and the role.
This movie humanizes another Disney villain, trying to make the viewer understand why she is the way that she is. The setting itself is London in the 1970s.
Between the fashion and music that’s played throughout the movie, it’s clear Estella has high hopes and big expectations for her future as a fashionista until she notices something about her employer, the Baroness.
In the beginning, Cruella is known as “Estella,” but at a young age she does cruel things, earning her name of “Cruella.” Estella has two different personalities: one being Estella, the other Cruella.
When she had been a child, she would sometimes be able to control herself, but Cruella comes to be her her dominant personality.
As she grows up, she isn’t as worried about controlling her temper Though she has gone through a lot, she still can be very mean and is ultimately a thief with Jasper and Horace.
Cruella’s friends Jasper, played by Joel Fry, and Horace, played by Paul Walter Hauser, are like family to her and would do most anything to help her. Together, they commit robberies to support themselves.
Eventually she gets offered her dream job and goes to work for the Baroness, a fashion designer. Emma Thompson, like Emma Stone, is brilliant with her part playing the role of the Baroness. She is a very necessary character for “Cruella,” which you may not realize at first, but as more is revealed, you find out how it may not just be a coincidence that Cruella and the Baroness have found their way to each other.
The Baroness is amazed by Estella’s work, and has her work on her most important designs, but the Baroness is very narcissistic and takes all of the credit.
One day when Estella sees something the Baroness has, something she knows once belonged to her, she plans to steal it back. However, she knows it won’t be easy. In a significant scene, Cruella takes over Estella and plans to steal the show away from the Baroness and have the spotlight cast onto her, with help from Jasper and Horace.
This was originally just supposed to be a part of the plan of stealing back what’s rightfully hers, but it escalates dramatically and turns into more than just wanting something back. This causes extreme tension between the Baroness and Cruella. Of course, the Baroness doesn’t know that Estella and Cruella are the same person, so Estella continues to work for her while plotting her revenge.
Cruella makes dramatic entrances to all of the Baroness’s galas and fashion shows, taking the attention away from her, challenging the Baroness. Eventually the Baroness suspects Estella and Cruella are one in the same and tries to expose her.
There are many extreme plot twists that keep the viewer in suspense for the entire movie, continuously throwing in hints about Cruella’s past that are not directly explained, leading to a major turn of events at the end where it all makes sense.
Cruella promotes stealing and certain kinds of mischievous behavior, but deep down Cruella, Jasper and Horace are good people despite some of their actions. This movie has some extreme scenes, and there are definitely unnecessary parts that could be taken down a notch.
Overall, the film is exciting, dramatic, and suspenseful, and I would definitely recommend it