Seniors plan to continue variety show tradition

Ella McGuire, Sports Editor

The Senior Variety Show has been a tradition for a long time.
However, for the past two years, the senior class has not had a show. While COVID ruined the seniors’ chance of having a show last year, there was not enough interest in 2019. 2021 looks to be different.
Senior Class Moderator Hayley Howe said that the current plan is to have the Variety Show, and it will take place early in 2022.
Although the show is a few months away, preparations have already been made. Variety Show Co-Director Mr. Mark Canter said, “Moderators and some seniors have been promoting the show and gaging interest among the class. . . After that comes writing scripts, casting for skits and talent portions, and rehearsals.”
An interest meeting was held last week.
Many Seniors are excited to bring back the tradition.
Ms. Howe said, “The class officers announced to their class during Unity Day that they would bring [the Variety Show] back, and the whole class cheered, so that’s a positive sign.”
Mr. Canter said, “We certainly hope they are excited. The quality of the show is directly proportional to the excitement with which those involved prepare.
Based on previous years, the Variety Show is an overall great experience for seniors and is something the other classes look forward to.
Ms. Howe said, “The Variety Show is a wonderful tradition, not just for the senior class, but for the whole JC community. Alumni and parents watch the show and relive their own time here.”
“I hope the class of 2022 can rally and do what previous years could not. I expect the seniors to draw closer from the experience of putting on an entertaining show,” she added.