‘Daddy’s Home 2’ will have you laughing all season long

Ella McGuire, Sports Editor

With battling dads and two completely opposite families, ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ is nothing short of a comical Christmas relief.

Christmas is full of laughter, joy, and celebration. You can trust me when I say that Daddy’s Home 2 is one of the best movies to watch at Christmas time.
The first Daddy’s Home introduces Brad Whitaker, (played by Will Ferrell), a kind man who is his wife’s new stepfather to her two children. However, trouble begins when Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) shows up. The two rival to be the “Best Dad.” Brad wants to win his new stepchildren’s approval while Dusty wants to steal them back. This movie is hilarious, and I highly recommend it.
Now, the dads are back in Daddy’s Home 2. Dusty has a new family, a wife, and a stepdaughter. Just like Brad in the original movie, Dusty is now the one fighting for her approval. He and Brad decide to take their families on a vacation for Christmas, but Brad decides to bring two more guests.
Brad invites his father as well as Dusty’s father. Dusty has changed from a bad-boy charisma to an overall great person.
Dusty, though, is nervous to see how his dad will react to this. He, too, is a very uptight person.
Roger (John Cena), though, makes things a little more challenging. He is Dusty’s stepdaughter’s dad, and he is back to get her and his wife. Dusty and Roger have a lot of competitions and fights to see who is the better dad. As you can see, it is a Christmas-themed twist on the original.
The best scene is when Brad, Roger, Dusty, and Dusty’s dad start out with a snowball fight, but it quickly turns into a full-on father vs father showdown.
All throughout this movie, the two families fight while putting together the perfect Christmas movie.
Will Dusty’s dad approve of him? Do Brad and Dusty find cracks in their newly-found friendship? Watch Daddy’s Home 2 this holiday season to find out.
Personally, I liked this movie much more than the first Daddy’s Home. Daddy’s Home 2 is filled with more comedy and is one of the best Christmas movies.
While the first Daddy’s Home is still a good movie to watch, Daddy’s Home 2 adds in the holiday aspect, holiday comedy, and more funny characters.
Daddy’s Home 2 is not only just a great Christmas movie, but a great movie in general.
It made me laugh and the new characters added a lot of comedy to it.
Daddy’s Home 2 can be watched on Amazon Prime and on Paramount Plus.