Classic Valentine’s Day Gifts: Are they cliché or are they perfect?

Gabby Albright, Staff Writer

Each Valentine’s Day, millions of people give gifts to show that they love each other; but are these classic gifts getting a little too cliché?

The most classic Valentine’s Day gift, in my opinion, are red roses. Red roses have always been associated with Valentine’s Day because they have been a symbol of love throughout history. Of course, buying red roses for someone is cute, but honestly, it is starting to feel cliché.
According to an American Floral Endowment Consumer Tracking Study, “Of the roses florists sell for Valentine’s, 73 percent are red. The remaining 27 percent is spread out between all the other colors, with pink being slightly ahead of the others.”
The idea of the red rose is becoming unoriginal. Getting them from someone could mean that they either wanted a meaningful way to show their love for you, or they picked up the first thing they got at the store since most people get red roses.
Although the idea of red roses is basic, having flowers as a Valentine’s Day gift is really cute if you use a different kind. Even using pink roses or a different color shows that you went out of your way to get something more original, and it makes it more personal. Buying flowers that are your partner’s favorite color or favorite type of flower would make the gift even better.
The next most popular gifts are stuffed animals. Cute teddy bears with hearts on them and stuffed animal dogs and cats are a Valentine’s Day staple. The simple teddy bear, although it is super cute, may be becoming a little cliché as well.
Getting a teddy bear that is a different color or has a cool design or clothing item on it would be a really good idea to spice up the simple teddy bear. Also, getting a different animal makes it more unique.
Chocolate is another popular gift that is given a lot on Valentine’s Day. Even though chocolate is given a lot, I don’t think it is that basic. There are other sweet treats that make the idea more original, though, like chocolate-covered strawberries, macaroons, or cookies. Also, choosing chocolates in a cute heart-shaped box is always cute and simple.
The last popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day is jewelry. Giving jewelry on Valentine’s Day is not repetitive at all. A lot of people give each other jewelry, but a lot of the necklaces, rings, or bracelets given are personal, which makes the gift not basic at all. Of course, getting jewelry is hard, depending on what kind of jewelry the person you are shopping for likes. There may be difficulty in trying to get sizes right, too.
Valentine’s Day is a time to show the people in your life that you truly love them. With gifts being one of the most popular displays of love, it is important to make sure the gift is meaningful. Getting basic red roses or a stuffed teddy bear are great ideas, but when showing someone how much you care about them, getting something a little less cliché would make all the difference.