Top Ten Valentine’s Day Go-Tos: Get the best fitted gift for the special one in your life

Madison Elliott, News Editor

Today is Valentine’s Day, and you may need some last minute gift ideas for the special people in your life. The value in gifts is not always materialistic, but it’s the thought that makes gifts special.

1.) Flowers: This is a small gesture that goes a long way. Flowers are beautiful and can be made into a personalized gift that show extra thought by picking flowers based on a person’s favorite color or favorite flower. This gives the present a deeper meaning through the way someone listens to the things that the other likes.
2.) Jewelry: As a sentimental person, I love getting jewelry. The price point in the jewelry is not important, but to me, the best part is the fact that I can carry around something someone special got for me. I can look at my jewelry and have a piece of somebody with me.

Quality Time:
3.) A Dinner Date: This is a perfect way to get out of the house while still getting to spend quality time with the people you care about. Getting all dressed up and going out can be a lot of fun with the people you love spending time with.
4.) Stay-at-Home Game Night: Although this does not sound like anything special, doing nothing is one of my favorite things to do. It allows people to focus on the time and people you are with. Playing games, eating at the table, and watching TV, is a great way to be with your favorite people as a way to relax and simply have fun.

Acts of Service:
5.) Warming Up Your Partner’s Car in the Morning: Once again, the thought of this is super sweet. This simple thing saves a lot of time for someone in the morning. Also, it will start the day by making someone so happy and cozy. This task may not be huge, but it would mean a lot to someone special.
6.) Cleaning Your Partner’s Room: By cleaning someone’s room, this has the potential to take a lot of stress off of someone. For some people, the task of cleaning their room is dreadful and overwhelming. Helping with this task may take a lot of pressure off that person.

Words of Affirmation:
7.) Handwritten Notes/ Cards: Notes are one of my favorite gifts. They are a great way to express feelings that may be hard to say or be emotional, and they can be a keepsake forever. This is a gift that comes straight from the heart as a sign of reassurance for those who need it.
8.) Candy Hearts: Candy Hearts is a stereotypical Valentine’s Day gift. These little candies have sweet messages on them that are a fun way to show your love for someone. Also, it is a sweet treat to give as a gift or share.

Physical Touch:
9.) Cuddling/Holding Hands: These are simple ways to be close to the ones you love. For those who love physical touch, just holding hands with a person you love could go a long way and could be a gift within itself. This is not asking much, but it’s just a way to be beside those special people.
10.) Buying Cozy Blankets or Comfy Clothes: Giving comfy clothes as a gift or even a blanket is a great gift for those who love physical touch because it can provide comfort even if the person you love is not physically with you. Being wrapped up in a blanket can provide just enough comfort and happiness to act as if you’re surrounded by others.