Check out our picks for the best places to go on a picnic

Top Ten Picnic Picks for Spring


Annabel Everett, Staff Writer

With the weather beginning to change and temperatures warming, taking a walk or having a picnic is a great idea for spring. Here are ten picnic spots that capture the beauty of spring.

1 Havre de Grace: Located 15 miles away from John Carroll, Havre de Grace, Maryland is the perfect place to sit down and relax near the water. It is situated on the mouth of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay, and there is a boardwalk walking path that follows the coast of the water. Greenery and flowers can be seen throughout the area, and there is even a lighthouse that you can go inside on certain days in the summer and spring. The area also features many shops and restaurants near the park, giving the area life and making it easy for visitors to have fun.

2 Susquehanna Park: This area features a beautiful trail and sitting area that overlooks the water’s edge. The area is a common spot for birdwatchers as well because bald eagles and hawks can be seen frequently at the park. Susquehanna Park is located in Churchville, 11 miles from John Carroll.

3 Federal Hill: Federal Hill is located in Baltimore, 32 miles from John Carroll. The drive is long, but the view is worth it. The area looks over the Baltimore Harbor and features a park and beautiful sitting area on the grass. There is a walking path and some sidewalks along the side of the park, and along the path are restaurants and other shops.

4 Rocks State Park: The park has a stream and waterfall, but the main attraction is the cliff that visitors are allowed to climb and sit on. The cliff overlooks the trees and water, and the view is well-worth the hike that it takes to get up there. Rocks State Park is located in Jarrettsville, Maryland, 10 miles from John Carroll.

5 Sherwood Gardens: 30 miles from John Carroll, Sherwood Gardens rests in Baltimore off Underwood Road. Sherwood Gardens features many different types of flowers and greenery, and it is a public place open to walks, picnics, and visitors.

6 Kilgore Falls: Located 16 miles from John Carroll, Kilgore Falls is another hot spot for visitors and picnics. The area is located near a beautiful stream and waterfall, which is open for swimming in the summer. It also features a rock structure, which people are allowed to climb and sunbathe on if they wish. The scenery is beautiful, complete with flowers of all kinds and sunlight peeking through the tops of the trees.

7 Friends Park: If you were to travel six miles from John Carroll into Fallston, you would find yourself in Friends Community Park. The park features some fields with lacrosse and soccer goals as well as a trail that leads people through a beautiful wooded area. The spot also has a pond with geese, fish, turtles, and other animals. There is also a playground nearby for children.

8 Bynum Run Park: Located in John Carroll’s very own backyard, Bynum Run Park features a trail and a pond home to many different life forms such as geese, turtles, and fish. The area is surrounded by trees and flowers, and is located near restaurants like Italian Sensations and Smoothie King.

9 Gunpowder State Park: Gunpowder State Park has amazing views, scenery, a stream, trails, cliffs, and rock structures. The grass and scenery makes it a wonderful destination for a picnic, located 23 miles from John Carroll.

10 Jerusalem Mill: Only eight miles from John Carroll, Jerusalem Mill is a wonderful spot to hike, walk, bike, or relax and have a picnic. The area is beautiful and home to historic buildings and structures as well as greenery and flowers. The woods are gorgeous, and the grass area makes it the perfect place for anyone to have a picnic.