Board Games: A Return to Your Childhood

Sydney Miller and Ella McGuire

While video and computer games can be fun, don’t forget those classic board games that you used to play as a kid. They can still be fun to play with family and friends.

Monopoly- An oldie but a goodie, this game will bring out the competitiveness in players. Nothing says a game night like arguing over properties because someone is being greedy. Monopoly is the perfect way to relive childhood game nights.
Catan- Will you pick the best spot? Will you get lucky with the dice? Do you have enough resources to build that road? Will someone trade you for wood? Who will be the first to 10 points? All questions will be answered during the game of skill known as Catan, the perfect game for those wanting to show off their negotiating skills. There are also expansion packs to expand the game board and increase the fun.
Sorry- Sorry is the perfect game where you don’t have to be sorry. This game truly brings out the ruthlessness of people and is a very fun game for all players. Make sure to get all of those pawns in the safe zone so no one’s sorry for you.
Connect 4- The ultimate strategy game, where both players have to focus on the other’s moves. This game is the perfect way to relive the sibling rivalries of your childhood with this intense game of skill.
Clue- A true game of mystery that requires critical thinking and good detective work. Who killed Mr. Boddy in his home? What was the murder weapon? Where did the murder occur? The first player to correctly accuse the correct murderer, weapon, and location wins.
Life- Make your way through the Game of Life, as you make tough decisions brought up in the real world: triplets or one child? College degree or not? Buy a house on the beach or in upstate New York? Whatever you pick in this game, you’ll have a good time.
Apples to Apples- Apples to Apples is such a fun game for game nights with friends or family. In this game, you make hilarious comparisons, like how dogs are a representative of the adjective sporty.
Battleship- Battleship is a classic game that has recently taken a new twist. The original Battleship game was made as a card game, but there are now electronic versions of the game. Either way, protect your ships as your friends try to take yours.
Candy Land- Even though we played this game as kids, Candy Land is still a fun game to play when you want to revisit your easier childhood days. Climb your way through the Gumdrop Forest and try not to get too sticky when traveling through the Lollipop Forest as you reach the Candy Castle.
Guess Who?- Two players try to guess who the other hidden character is by asking yes or no questions. This game may be aimed at younger kids, but you can still have a great time trying to Guess Who.