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‘The Adam Project’ places first on Netflix watch lists

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Starring Ryan Reynolds, who plays the main character Adam Reed, the movie ‘The Adam Project’ mixes the perfect amount of action and comedy.

The movie is set in the year 2022 and jumps around through various time periods. How is this possible? Time travel exists in The Adam Project.
The characters have to grapple with this as 2050 Adam jumps in time to find his 12-year-old self.
Younger Adam, played by Walker Scobell, back in the year 2022 is dealing with problem after problem. He’s a victim of bullying; his dad just passed away suddenly, and he keeps getting suspended from school.
Naturally, these events have shaped young Adam into a snarky distraught child. His mom Ellie Reed, played by well-known actress Jennifer Garner, is left to deal with her own grief and the actions of Adam.
As the two versions of themselves meet, older and younger Adam form an interesting dynamic. Together the two give each other life lessons that they both need to hear from the future and past forms of themselves.
The deep underlying theme this interaction serves to show is how trauma can shape people and how coping mechanisms can both help and destroy people. For such a fun and futuristic movie, it makes talking about this topic easier, and some may even overlook this theme throughout the film.
Besides learning more about who they are, the Adams are trying to ward off bad guys as they follow them throughout time.
Adam’s dad played by Mark Ruffalo unknowingly created time travel, and over time, this unconscious invention has been corrupted for money. Older Adam is set on fixing this corruption and ending the skewing of his dad’s invention.
Older Adam recruits Young Adam to not only defeat a team of bad guys but also to help him find his wife played by Zoe Saldaña. Through the searching of his wife, younger Adam develops hope that he will have a happy future and meet the love of his life.
Overall, the action and fight scenes are very well-staged. Big Adam’s warming to his younger version gives the story some heart in the midst of the action. There is genuine love in his realization that anger does not prevent sadness.
This is the perfect movie to watch with a family of all ages. Children will enjoy the action-packed film and great graphics as older children and adults get to unpack the underlying messages throughout the movie.
Watch The Adam Project on Netflix or in select theaters with friends or family to enjoy the thrill of the reality of time travel and to laugh over Ryan Reynolds’s sarcastic humor.