Reality Show ‘Love is Blind’ gives new perspective on the captivating journey that defines love

Madison Elliott, News Editor

‘Love is Blind’ is a new and popular reality TV show on Netflix, rated MA, that follows 40-50 contestants looking to find love. The catch is that contestants cannot see the person to whom they are speaking as they each attempt to build relationships.

This show is considered a “social experiment” by the hosts as the test is to see whether people can truly fall in love without seeing the other person—finding love not based solely on a physical attraction, but their emotional connection.
Within the show, the contestants are first divided by gender. Males live in their own living space with one another while the females move into a separate living space. In between each living quarter is what are called “The Pods.”
These pods are what allow the social experiment to take place. The pods have two little lounge areas divided by an opaque glass wall so that contestants can speak to one another while not being able to see the other. The length of this date starts short, only being around 15 minutes, to eventually growing as time goes on.
While on dates in the pods, each contestant brings a notebook to write down facts or stories about the person they are speaking with to keep track of all the potential partners as the only thing they can go off to remember each story is a name and a voice. Eventually, the contestants start to pair up leaving those who don’t find a match to go home.
After about 20 dates, or 10 days, the couple has an option to get engaged. After getting engaged the couples’ appearances are revealed to one another. From there, the couples go on a retreat to spend time alone, come home to see what life would be like together, meet their families, and eventually plan a wedding within four weeks. At the wedding, it is announced whether the couple will go through with a marriage or not.
Throughout the experiment, people get eliminated by not finding a companion within the Pods. If those in the experiment cannot find a suitable partner that they have a connection with, then contestants leave.
Currently there are two seasons of this show. I have fallen in love with the show. I would say it is an emotional roller coaster as I have binged each season. Some of the couples have their up and down moments as they learn to love one another in reality, their habits, the way they act, the way the present themselves.
Love is Blind is interesting because a lot of the people in this show always have a sense of uncertainty which keeps the entertainment value high.
There are some couples who easily last and do seem to find true love while others struggle to commit to the fight for love. This past season left me shocked by the ending, in both a good and a bad way
This experiment seems so unreal that I have found it very interesting to follow. I cannot imagine what this process would be like to be in. I think that’s why I like to watch it so much: to see if the results show a new truth about falling in love.
I would easily recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a real show that shows the process of falling in love, tears, laughter, shock, drama, and more through every bit of this process.