JC musicians show off talents in their Spring Concert

Annabel Everett, Staff Writer

The John Carroll Spring Concert took place on Thursday, April 7 this year, and it did not disappoint. Mrs. Casey Novak, the band and music director, said she was “so proud of [the] students’ effort.” She is “very grateful to be conducting live musicians again.”

The songs in the concert included “Celebration,” “The Great Locomotive Chase,” “Happy Together,” “That Lonesome Road,” “Ain’t it Fun,” “The Middle,” “Jenny,” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”
The musical performances included Bella Voce, the Concert Band, the Full Orchestra, the Spring Orchestra, Chorus, Combined Choirs, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, The Patriettes, and the Rock Band.
Although the concert flowed seamlessly, this result took a lot of hard work and determination from the directors, students, and teachers.
Mrs. Novak said, “The most difficult part was coordinating the band, orchestra, and percussion ensemble, because they only get two chances to put everything together.” She also explained that practice for the concert started from when the students came back from winter break and lasted until the week of the concert.
The hard work put into the event did not go to waste. Many students, alumni, faculty, and parents joined together for this event, and Mrs. Novak said, “We had at least 250 people in attendance.”
Students in the concert and others in the audience also loved the event.
Mrs. Novak said, “The audience enjoyed hearing ‘The Great Locomotive Chase,’ which was performed by the full orchestra, and as always, the student audience loved the Rock Band’s performance.”
Additionally, Hannah Hamill, a junior in the spring concert, said, “I absolutely loved being in the spring concert. It was a celebration of everything our music department was able to accomplish and showcase this year.”
The concert left a great and lasting impression on the audience, and the students and directors in the performance are excited for future performances.