Revisit the spring season & holiday with a viewing of ‘Hop’

Annabel Everett, Staff Writer

‘Hop,’ a mix between an animated and live action film was produced in 2011.

Directed by Tim Hill, the movie stars David Hasselhoff, James Marsden, Russell Brand, Hank Arzaria, Gary Cole, Elizabeth Perkins, and Kaley Cuoco.
The target audience for the film is most likely younger children, ages 8-12, but it is rated PG for mild humor and violence.
The movie is a comedy and fantasy film surrounding the idea of Easter and family. However, the film was only rated one star with a 24% Rotten Tomatoes score.
Although the ratings demonstrate a poor reception, some critics suggest that the movie, while unbelievable, may appeal to the imagination of kids.
Russell Brand voices the main character in the movie, E.B., an animated bunny living in a candy factory that is run by his dad. The candy factory makes Easter baskets for kids around the world, and the workers consist of chicks.
E.B.’s dad wants him to take over the Easter factory for his career, but E.B. wants to be a drummer instead. When his dad doesn’t appreciate his dream, E.B. moves to Los Angeles in the real world to fulfill his dream as a drummer. The movie depicts all the fun adventures and quirky occurrences that happen while E.B. is in Los Angeles and how he ultimately saves Easter at the end of the movie.
The animation in the movie is really good, and the film depicts a fantasy world that is very fun and interesting. In my opinion, the movie is a great choice for children, but it may seem awkward and dull to people over the age of 12.
The actors voice the animated characters very well and show enthusiasm and comedy through their voices. However, the script for the live action cast is lacking and can sometimes seem corny and ill-written in my opinion.
As a child, I remember watching the movie with awe due to the incredible animation and complex storyline. However, rewatching it as a teenager, I noticed the many flaws and plot holes in the movie, making it overall very hard to watch and follow.