‘The Batman’ movie is action-packed, dark, and ominous

Savannah Sieck, Staff Writer

‘The Batman’ was released on March 4, 2022 and has a running time of almost three hours, so make sure when you watch it, you have plenty of free time to fully enjoy it.

The Batman had an outrageous domestic box office of $134,008,624 on opening day, and a total box office of $764,424,441 worldwide.
It’s an action-packed, dark, and ominous movie that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time. It does not matter if you’ve never seen any other Batman movies; or if you’ve seen them all, you’ll be intrigued the whole time. You’ll be making constant connections that seem so obvious once you realize, but never even noticed before.
Every word is layered having a different meaning; it just depends on how you interpret it all. In The Batman, Batman/ Bruce Wayne is played by Robert Pattison. His acting is amazing, and he has the ability to portray the idea of how Batman serves the people, fighting for justice extremely well. In every scene, whether Batman is getting revenge or connecting the dots to the puzzle he’s been trying to solve the entire movie, you’ll never be disappointed.
The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, is the main villain although there are numerous “bad guys” in The Batman. The Riddler is outraged by Gotham City’s corruption and targets the city’s major leaders, individuals he views as liars. He wants to reveal how all the people he hunts down have continuously lied to their families, citizens, and themselves. The Riddler leaves Batman clues and riddles that will lead Batman to the Riddler if he can solve these puzzles.
The Riddler says, “I’m nobody. I’m an instrument, here to unmask the truth about this cesspool we call a city.” The Riddler feels that there must be major change in Gotham City but thinks that it will not be changed, so he takes matters into his own hands. He thinks that there are too many injustices and crimes in Gotham but proceeds to use criminal acts to solve these issues.
Many people support what the Riddler is doing, feeling the same way about the crime, corruption and lies. Bruce Wayne, one of the people targeted by the Riddler, is never harmed purely because of fate. The Riddler reveals a shocking truth about the past of Bruce Wayne’s father to him. This hurts him on a personal level and is set to make things right in Gotham.
As the city becomes more chaotic, thanks to the Riddler, Batman works together with Catwoman, played by Zoë Kravitz as she seeks revenge, too. Catwoman and Batman work together very well and are able to achieve more together than they would by working alone. Catwoman has her own reasons for doing what she does, but she still seeks justice as Batman does.
Alongside the Gotham City Police Department, Batman and Catwoman help find and capture the Riddler, saving Gotham City. They had worked for change and justice in Gotham City, and it paid off. But, at the end of the movie, Catwoman never finds out who Batman truly is. This was the only disappointment from the entire movie.
They end up going their separate ways; Catwoman leaves Gotham City, for many reasons, but ultimately, she’s just longing for a fresh start. Batman stays in Gotham, hoping to continue to make changes for the better. He tries to convince Catwoman to stay so they could continue to help Gotham City but doesn’t push when she declines. They leave each other, but they feel something for one another.
The movie was made extremely well. It is exciting and a good thriller. The music was also amazing and builds on the suspense, excitement, or the eeriness of the scene, as music in a movie should. The music is definitely one of the best factors of The Batman. It lets the audience know what type of scene it is or gives the audience an idea of what is coming or what to expect.
It’s not very scary, but it is more suspenseful and dark. You could watch this movie with most anyone, with the exception of small children, since some scenes are little graphic and goory. The Batman is a very well-made movie and is recommended.