‘All American” shoots to the top of the charts

Kallissa Coats, Staff Writer

All American is a football sports drama television show. It is based on a true story and inspired by the life of Spencer Paysinger. The story line begins when a star high school football player from South Crenshaw is recruited to play football at a better school in Beverly Hills.

Spencer has a major role in the storyline, as he portrays a very model-like role. There are other important characters like Olivia Baker who is played by Samantha Logan, Asher Adams who is played by Cody Christian, JJ Parker who is played by Hunter Clowdus and Jordan Baker who is played by Michael Evans Behling.

The characters pose a really good example as role models for today’s society. They take on their problems well and really show the viewer how to be great citizens. All American shows an excellent example of the diversity in the world. Although the shows do show examples of racism, the characters deal with it well.

The topic of racism is one to be careful about, and directors and producers do a good job at showing real-life scenarios.

I don’t recommend the show for younger children because content may be too heavy. Teenagers who like sports and drama would really enjoy this show and would find this really interesting. I started watching it, and then I got very addicted.

This a well-written show that keeps the storyline engaging as directors still manage to find new ways to make it interesting. The writers do a great job of balancing life lessons against stereotypical teen drama. They also end all of the episodes with major cliffhangers, which keeps viewers wanting more.

Although some might find this show boring and repetitive, if you follow along with the plot, you could find it very meaningful.

All American is a one-of-a-kind show. It is very unique in the sense that its story and characters are some that haven’t been featured in television before. I definitely recommend this show to football and drama lovers.