‘Halloweentown’ focuses on comedy over horror

Caroline Bomboy and Addison Biscoe

Halloweentown is an adventure, comedy, fantasy, and family movie. Directed by Duwayne Dunham, and produced by Ron Mitchell, Brian Pogue, Sheri Singer, Steve White, the movie was released on October 17, 1988.

Halloweentown is rated TV-G, which means people of all ages can watch it. The movie is an hour and twenty-four minutes long. You can watch Halloweentown on Disney+ with a monthly subscription, or you can rent/buy it on Amazon, Google Play, or YouTube.

The creative sets and costumes create a fun and slightly spooky environment. The movie was released in the 80s, so the video quality is not as good as some movies we see now; however, it is still worth watching.

The main character, Marnie, is played by Kimberly J. Brown. Brown portrays a 13-year-old witch who faces many challenges while learning to become a witch. She has two younger siblings named Dylan and Sophie, they are played by Joey Zimmerman and Emily Roeske. Their mom, Gwen, is played by Judith Hoag.

Hoag’s, co-star Debbie Reynolds plays her mom Aggie Cromwell in the movie. Both are witches in the story who have very different opinions on what should happen to the kids.

Robin Thomas and Phillip Van Dyke play the antagonists, Kalabar and Luke. They like to cause a lot of trouble in Halloweentown which in turn causes many issues for the main characters.

Halloweentown is a story about a family of witches. One witch is Aggie who is the mother of Gwen and grandmother of Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie. Aggie’s daughter Gwen is a witch, but she doesn’t practice magic, and she plans to raise her three kids as mortals.

When Aggie comes to visit on Halloween, she gets into an argument with Gwen. Marnie, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation, discovers that she has the potential to become a witch. The following morning, when Aggie travels home, the kids follow her and end up on a bus to Halloweentown.

Aggie decides not to take the kids back home right away and instead begins to train Marnie to be a witch. Watch Halloweentown to discover what happens to the family.

Halloweentown takes a different approach to Halloween movies. Instead of your typical horror movie, Halloweentown is more of a comical movie.

Halloweentown is a funny and entertaining movie. We would recommend the movie for anyone looking for something to watch in the fall, but the movie is especially good for parents who want to show their kids a Halloween movie but don’t want to scare them.