Hopkins Farm Brewery provides fun for the entire family

Kira Jenkins, Contributing Writer

Do you ever wish there was a place you could go to in the fall that was fun for the family?

For around 30 years now, Hopkins Farm Brewery has been doing just that. Hopkins Farm Brewery is in Havre De Grace and is approximately a 26 minute drive from John Carroll.
At the brewery, there is a large field of grass where parents can relax around a cozy fire-pit while the kids play with their friends and families.

There is also a pumpkin patch where families can pick the perfect pumpkin to carve into a scary face or just to have on display.

Additionally, there are always several food trucks there waiting for your order. You will be able to get your food within a couple of minutes of ordering, and it will always be fresh and hot.

While waiting for your food, there is a cornhole set out for customers to play. They have enjoyable games, and sometimes the brewery will have fun nights like trivia and live music.

If you love taking photos, this is just the place. The view is outstanding with the pumpkin patch in the background. There is also a photo section that has been created out of a trailer.

They’ve put hay and fun pumpkins on it, so you can take a few photos with the family, or you could even take a selfie. If you’re like me and love the fall, this place is perfect for you.

They make the place feel so welcoming by having many fall festivities for adults and kids. You can feel the sense of family when stepping into the brewery.

It has been owned by generations of Hopkins family members, and you can feel the love for their family by the way they take care of their brewery.