Begin planning for a special gift for your mother

Annabel Everett, Features Editor

This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. With summer right around the corner and Easter only weeks away, students at John Carroll are busy with dances, AP test preparation, celebrating holidays, and finishing the school year.

Through it all, our mothers are right by our side, supporting our endeavors and showing their unconditional love. Time and time again, they have expressed their gratitude for us, and on May 14, it will be time to show our appreciation for them.

One great way to show gratitude is by giving sentimental gifts to our mothers. Each person has their own taste in gifts, but I know my mom loves gold earrings and necklaces, perfumes, candles, lotions, and hand soaps. These items can be found in Francesca’s in the Harford Mall, Bath and Body Works in the Harford Mall, Ulta, and Sephora.

Senior Reagan McComas said his favorite gift to get his mom on Mother’s Day is “a necklace because she loves jewelry, and she is always so excited when she receives it.”

For those who have moms who love to read and write, Barnes and Nobles is one store that I visit before every Mother’s Day for my mom. It has a multitude of books that fit many different reading styles such as Science Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Romance, and Classical. For mothers who have a passion for writing, there are pens, pencils, and notepads for relatively inexpensive prices.

My mom’s favorite gift to receive on Mother’s Day includes roses, lilies, and other assorted flowers. I know she greatly appreciates store-bought flowers wrapped in plastic from the supermarket.

Senior Chloe Davies said, “I love to give my mom tulips on Mother’s Day because that is her favorite flower.”

I urge people to go one step further when gifting your mother with flowers.

I like to buy flowers from the Safeway in Bel Air and walk to the Dollar Tree in the same shopping center to pick up a mason jar. Then, I go home, cut the flower stems at an angle, cut damaged or imperfect stems and leaves, and arrange them in the mason jar. If I have time, I also like to paint the jar with hearts, smiley faces, and flowers to personalize it.

For students looking to give their mothers a more personal gift, I adore writing sentimental cards every Mother’s Day. This year, I want to take it a step further. As a senior, I will be graduating this year and will be at college away from home next year. I know I will miss my mom as much as she will miss me, and I am planning to write her a series of letters for her to read.

I want to write her one for her to read on Mother’s Day, one she can read when she misses me, one she can read after she drops me off at college, and other letters for various occasions. Of course, the occasions and times for these letters to be opened can differ, but this is something your mother can cherish for months after you give it to her.

However, seniors are not the only people who can do this. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can do this as well with different milestones in the upcoming months as a way to show your love throughout the year.

Freshman Daisy Everett said her favorite sentimental gift she gave her mother for Mother’s Day was “a letter and a picture frame with a photo in it.”

There are many other sentimental gifts that mothers love to receive, though.

English Teacher Sherri Woosley said her favorite gifts from her children were a crocheted cup holder and a Wordle made with clues about herself.

Senior Flora Lau said, “I will be spending the day with my mom. I’m thinking about planning dinner and getting her favorite snacks and a homemade card.”

There are so many ways to give gifts this season, and this Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to display your love for your mom.