‘Handmaid’s Tale’ is interesting read

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

The Handmaid’s Tale is an excellent book that was adapted into a television series that is available on Hulu. The novel has an interesting concept and is written in a style that is unique to readers.

The novel is set in a dystopian society where women have been stripped of their rights and have been put under the control of men. Women are split into six groups who have their own roles in society. The women could become Handmaids, Wives, Marthas, Aunts, Econwives, or Unwomen.

In this society a large majority of women are unable to bear children. This is where Handmaids come in. Handmaids are the women in society able to bear children. The Handmaids have to participate in the “ritual” to have children. The ritual is in no way a romantic encounter between the commander and the Handmaid; it is strictly for reproduction purposes.

The Handmaid’s Tale follows the protagonist Ofred and her journey of becoming a Handmaid after being a free woman with a husband. The novel goes into detail about how this new society has affected men and women psychologically. At times, however, it may difficult to read due to the situations.  While this choice may not be for everyone, for those interested, it is very possible to read it within a week.