Netflix sensation ‘Outer Banks’ releases third season

Ella McGuire, Assistant Media Chief

The smash-hit show ‘Outer Banks’ released its third season last month. The fans of ‘Outer Banks’ were so anticipant about the new season that Netflix crashed at midnight after the release.

This show follows a team of teenagers, nicknamed “The Pogues,” out of Outer Banks, North Carolina, receiving the nickname for being the poor, working class.

Trouble seems to follow the teenagers as they are constantly on the run from cops, “couch-hopping,” running away from home, and getting “The Kooks,” the upper rich-class snobs, angry.

The ongoing war of Pogues vs. Kooks continues in this new season, with unlikely friendships blooming.

The hunt for the treasure continues, with the Kooks coming closer to stealing the gold from the main character, John B.

Trapped on a deserted island with no escape, the Pogues must find a way to return to Outer Banks alive.

Many questions keep watchers pressing that “Next Episode” button. They include: Will the Kooks keep the ongoing war between the two? Will they make amends?’

A few students provided their thoughts on the new season.

Junior Savannah Sieck said, “The show is very chaotic.” However, “the humor provides a nice break from all the adventures.”

Junior Oge Martin said, “Outer Banks is my favorite show, and I really enjoyed the new season.”
She continued, “This new season had a ton of twists I wasn’t expecting, and I definitely recommend this show to everyone.”

If you have been on the fence about starting OBX, take these students’ advice and begin it.