‘The Perfect Match’ has reached #2 trending Netflix series

Madison Elliott, News Editor

My favorite genre of television is reality TV of all kinds. Netflix carries a few of my favorites that include challenges to win by the end.

A few examples of these sorts of shows include The Circle, The Pods, The Mole, Love is Blind, and The Perfect Match. Some of these are more centered around games and challenges while others are focused on dating.

My recent favorite has been The Perfect Match which was first released this year as a competition reality show. There are 12 episodes for this first season.

The purpose of the show is for a group of singles gathered from a variety of the other Netflix reality shows to find each of their “perfect matches.”

The contestants match with singles of their choosing with whom they feel most compatible.
Once a couple matches, they complete to see who is the most compatible for the week by winning challenges and getting to know each partner.

The most compatible couple who wins the challenge for the week gets a date and the power to add two new members to the house.

These shows are one of the best kinds because there is drama, action, anticipation, and heart-warming moments as viewers watch people try to find love.