Administration blocks Twitter due to inappropriate tweets


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To view faculty and student reactions, see the video here.

The administration has blocked Twitter due to explicit circumstances on Monday, Jan 9.

According to Principal Madelyn Ball, some of the teachers using Twitter as an educational tool discovered inappropriate tweets involving teachers.

“To be respectful to teachers, we had to take the distraction away. We [the administration] have not yet spoken to the students [with offensive tweets]. We have yet to talk about the best way to deal with it.”

According to Ball, copies of tweets containing vulgar language and inappropriate content regarding teachers reached her desk. After seeing these tweets, Ball and the administration made the decision to block Twitter on the JC network.

“Between 30 to 40” students are currently under administrative questioning for inappropriate tweets, though no disciplinary actions have been placed thus far, according to Ball.

Ball had an official meeting with Dean of Students Thomas Vierheller on Tuesday, Jan 10, regarding what actions should be taken against these particular students.

“They’re [the inappropriate tweets] the types of offenses that could easily be suspensions,” Ball said.

However, according to Ball, alternative disciplinary actions will be considered because the student suspension process is time consuming and there are numerous students under questioning.

“Just punishment never works. There has to be an educational component to it. The whole school needs a lesson on social media and how to act responsibly with social media,” Ball said.

Wednesday, Feb. 1 is Digital Learning Day, and Ball plans to have the whole school participate in this day to learn more about responsibilities regarding social media.

“On their own, teachers have already started coming up with plans of social media lessons…Everybody just has to learn how to use things appropriately,” Ball said.

“Whether or not Twitter comes back, I don’t know. Let’s see how the education goes and how students respond.”

Dean of Students Thomas Vierheller and Vice Principal Gary Scholl are not available for comments. Principal Madelyn Ball has requested that all questions and interviews be directed to her.

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