‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ lights up stage


Lauren Glase

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” was performed March 6 to 8, with two matinees on March 9. Entirely sung, the show tells the Biblical story of Joseph and his 11 brothers.

“‘Joseph [and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat]’ has constant high energy from beginning to end,” Director and Co-Choreographer Larry Hensley said. “It should be easily engaging because it goes from [one] large, exciting production number to the next. There are no spoken scenes.”

This musical tells the Biblical story of dream-interpreter Joseph, who receives a multi-colored coat from his father, Jacob. Joseph’s 11 brothers are jealous of Joseph’s success and try to make Joseph’s life miserable. However, Joseph ends up rising above his brothers, leaving them to beg him to help them.

“It really is a funny show,” Hensley said. “The audience will love the brothers.”

Senior Brady Fritz is finishing his last high school theater production as the lead role, Joseph. “Being cast as Joseph for my last show has been such a great time. It is definitely a dazzling way to go out,” Fritz said.

Along with Hensley, Fritz believes that the audience will love the show. “Their reactions will be amazing. They will have their chins to the floor looking at all the beautiful colors and the awesome cast,” he said.

Junior Nicolette Ficca, who has participated in all of the shows throughout her high school career, agrees that this is an energetic show. “It’s an active show,” Ficca, who plays one of the brothers’ wives, said. “I love spending time with all of my friends on stage.”

Even though there are performers in the production who have participated in previous shows, there are also newcomers, including senior Zach Wedemeyer, who plays Dan, one of Joseph’s brothers.

“I’m in [Co-Choreographer Kim] Brueggemann’s advisory and she always would tell me to try out for the shows,” Wedemeyer said. “This was my last chance, so I decided to try out. The songs are fun, the rehearsals are fun, and Hensley is fun.”

Along with Wedemeyer, freshman Teresa Langbein, who also plays one of the brothers’ wives, also is participating in her first high school production.

“Even though it’s only my first show, I absolutely love it,” she said. “‘Joseph’ is a fun show to be in because it has a lot of different genres of songs from country, to Elvis-themed, and to French-themed.”

According to Hensley, the range of genres makes the show even more engaging.

“I can’t choose a favorite song in the show,” Hensley said. “They’re all so good. It goes from country, to reggae, to hip-hop, and so much more. How could I choose?”

Hensley loves every musical number in the show. “There’s not a song in this production that I don’t look forward to,” he said. “There’s even a song in the show that only the ladies sing, but one of the brothers told me that [the brothers] all sing it backstage too. The songs are great.”

A large part of why Fritz has enjoyed participating in this show is because of his interaction with the rest of the cast. “I don’t want to be cliché, but the people absolutely make it. Everyone in the cast is just so much fun,” he said.

Even though there often are problems with rehearsing due to the weather and other scheduling conflicts, Hensley he has still enjoyed the rehearsal process for this show. “This whole process has been amazing,” Hensley said. “It is a really fun show to be a part of.”

The show was performed March 6 to 8, with matinees on March 9.

Nicole Arrison is a Video Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.