Restaurant Review: One Eleven Main

Maddie Root, Contributing Staff Writer

One Eleven Main is located on 111 South Main Street in Bel Air. Every Sunday from 10am-1pm, they serve brunch. On a Sunday, the restaurant was full of people experiencing special meals, perhaps celebrating with family and friends. The only meal offered on Sundays is brunch, and from Tuesday through Saturday, they serve lunch and dinner.

Our party was enthusiastically greeted and seated very quickly. Within minutes, we were enjoying beverages. The Shirley Temple was particularly good, which in turn caused two more to be ordered.

Because they accept reservations, our party was able to make a reservation at a later time in the afternoon. The restaurant was very lively and full of conversation when our party arrived, but as time went on, more and more people trickled out of the door, and soon the place was almost empty.

Along with the outstanding service, the décor of the restaurant assisted with the overall feeling of elegant relaxation. Dark wood paneling, comfortable seating, white table cloths, and a few eclectic decorations made it very easy to relax on a Sunday morning. Big windows have been placed at the front of the room, providing a nice brightness to the restaurant.

To start the meal, the table started with the house specialty appetizer of beignets, small fried pieces of dough tossed in powdered sugar. The beignets were light and fluffy, a nice sugary treat before the main course. The brussel sprouts were also ordered as an appetizer. They were very crispy and served with a mustard aioli.

The main courses that we ordered were the bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich ($15), shrimp salad ($13), crescent city breakfast ($12), and brisket tacos ($17).

One of the table’s favorite dishes was the shrimp salad. The shrimp salad had lots of shrimp, not a lot of mayo, and the perfect amount of Old Bay. Everything else was outstanding, including the BLAT, which could have used more avocado.

The crescent city breakfast was the typical eggs, bacon, and toast breakfast. The only twist was that it came with rye toast, which was a nice addition. The brisket tacos were excellent, arriving with extremely tender and moderately spicy beef. The tacos could have used an additional corn tortilla as they were hard to keep together while aggressively eating the savory meat.

As sides, the table ordered the candied bacon and cheddar chive biscuits. The biscuits were very cheesy and filling; however, the candied bacon did not live up to its name and was very spicy.

The staff was very warm and amicable, always making accommodations for guests when requested. For example, when one guest asked for salt and pepper, it arrived at our table in no time. When looking around the restaurant, it was clear that everyone there was relaxed and comfortable.

Although the food at One Eleven can be expensive, it is worth the price. Overall, One Eleven Main is a great place to go when celebrating a special occasion or just to splurge and get some great food while out on Main Street.