‘Dash & Lily’ look for true love this holiday season

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Dash hates all things Christmas. Lily lives for the holiday season. What could go wrong?

“Dash & Lily” is a new TV show on Netflix. The eight-episode series premiered on November 10 and has been a huge hit with a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It stars Austin Abrams as Dash and Midori Francis as Lily.
It’s Christmas in New York City, and Dash and Lily both find themselves lonely during the holidays. Lily desperately wants to find love on Christmas while Dash is just trying to get over a break-up.
Lily hides a red notebook in an iconic NYC bookstore called the Strand. The red notebook contains a scavenger hunt and mysterious clues. Dash stumbles upon it and decides to take a risk and play the game. Little does he know that Lily has hidden the notebook in hopes of finding her one true love.
Throughout the series, Dash and Lily push each other to try new things while exploring new parts of the city without actually meeting each other. They write dares and letters for each other in the notebook and leave it somewhere in the city for the other to find.
Although the show is mostly about Dash’s and Lily’s “notebook relationship,” it highlights the idea of family as well. Both Dash’s and Lily’s parents are away for the holidays. Lily and Dash almost become each other’s family through their letters in the notebook.
The show is light-hearted, funny, and easy to follow. This is a perfect series for Christmas time. All of the Christmas songs, decorations, and the bright lights in NYC will put you right into the Christmas spirit.
The series also mentions some great books. There are quite a few hidden book puns made by some of the characters. In fact, most of the first episode takes place in the Strand. Books connect Dash and Lily. That’s why the Strand is so important to the both of them.
If you happen to be a book-lover and a sucker for romantic comedies, “Dash and Lily” will capture your heart. Watch the show to see if Dash and Lily will pursue a real-life relationship or just stay notebook buddies.