‘Batman Begins’ is the perfect choice for a family movie night

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

The first movie in the epic Batman trilogy calls for a great movie night with the family.

There have been many other Batman movies made in the past, but this one sets itself apart from the others.
Batman Begins is a 2005 remake of the original Batman and stars Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, and Cillian Murphy. Other very well-known actors like Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson play parts in the films as well. The movie is directed by Academy Award winning director Christopher Nolan.
The movie starts by providing the backstory of a privileged kid in Gotham City named Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). Fast forward to the present, and Gotham City is being ruled by evil. Bruce is determined to find a way to help, while becoming someone else in the process.
Bruce lives two lives; during the day he is Bruce Wayne, a man trying to protect his deceased father’s reputation. At night, however, Bruce becomes the infamous Batman. Because no one knows who Batman truly is, it allows Bruce to escape, hide behind his mask and become a totally different person.
Although there are many villains who rule the streets in Gotham, there notably is one in particular: Scarecrow. He is cooking up an evil plan to destroy the city. Can Batman save Gotham City before it is too late?
Although some movies stacked with popular and famous actors tend to flop, this movie did exactly the opposite. Because of the amazing graphics, the city of Gotham is seen like never before. Viewers are able to imagine themselves with Batman as he fights crime in the city.
In the movie, Batman is able to fly with his “wings” on his suit. He also jumps off of buildings and crashes through windows. It hard to believe that a normal person could even survive these falls, but he is Batman after all.
Batman Begins is available to stream on Netflix and HBO Max and to rent and buy on other streaming services.
Have you seen the movie and are craving more Batman? Do not fear! If you really enjoyed the film, there two more films in the series, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.
Batman Begins is absolutely perfect for a movie night. It has a little bit of everything sprinkled in for all members of the family: action, humor, and even a little romance. It is impossible to get bored. So grab your popcorn and candy and set a movie date for your family this weekend!