Masks have become another daily accessory at school for students, teachers, & staff

Masking Up

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

A little over year ago, no one ever would have thought that face masks would become a big part of our daily lives. Now, masks are worn everywhere. Grocery stores, restaurants, and schools are just some of the many places where masks are worn to slow the spread of COVID-19.

At JC, every person chooses a different type of mask to wear. There are many different types of masks like reusable, disposable, colorful, and plain. A teacher or student can express themselves through the mask that they choose to wear.
Students and teachers do not have control over many things this year, but picking out a mask is something that everyone has control over.
Spanish teacher Ms. Hannah Jacques likes to wear a “smile mask.” This mask is unique because it has a clear section in the middle so students are able to see her smile. She said, “I wanted to have this mask so that my students would be able to 1) see my face and 2) be able to see how I pronounce different words.”
Ms. Jacques believes that this mask benefits her students in the classroom. “It is important that we can see the face when speaking a foreign language because it helps students better understand and learn,” she commented.
However, others prefer to wear disposable masks every day. Sophomore Ava Freeland said, “I like to wear the blue disposable masks to school and everywhere I go. These masks are easy to just put on and go; plus it is pretty comfortable. Reusable masks can be annoying to wash, so I rarely wear them. ”
Sophomore Giada Scotto does not have much of a preference when it comes to the masks she wears. She said, “To school, I usually wear the disposable [masks] because, personally, I like them more, but sometimes I’ll wear a cloth mask.”
Students like junior Logan Reeves prefer to have one mask that they set aside for school. “I have one [reusable] mask that I wear to school. It’s better for the environment to just stick to one mask,” said Logan.
Masks are extremely important in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Remember to mask up and stay safe in school and all other public places, Patriots!