These day trips will make this summer worthwhile

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Blue skies, the shining sun, and warm weather are on the rise. Summer is nearing, and it is time to start planning activities for the next few months. While big trips out-of-state are fun, there are some places that are not too far away from home that are fun to visit.

1. Pack a picnic at Heavenly Waters Park
One very simple but fun option for a day trip would be a picnic. Only a few minutes from JC, it would be easy to pack some sandwiches, snacks, desserts, and other tasty foods and eat with friends on a sunny day. Heavenly Waters Park is a part of the Ma and Pa Trail and is a nice scenic spot for a picnic. After the picnic, feel free to take a walk, explore the wonderful nature, and look for wildlife.

2. Spend a day eating in Baltimore
Baltimore is full of many activities and adventures, but one thing it is known for is its food. Why not explore some new restaurants while walking around the city? First, stop for breakfast and coffee at Artifact Coffee in Union Mill. For lunch or dinner, try some tacos at Barcocina on Thames Street and admire the view from the outdoor patio while enjoying delicious Mexican cuisine. Both restaurants are about a 45 minute drive from JC.

3. Browse Main Street in Annapolis
In Annapolis, Main Street is a great place to spend time wandering around with family and friends. While only an hour away, it offers a lot of fun. Main Street is filled with cute shops, restaurants, and buzzing crowds. Art galleries, bookstores, and ice cream shops surround the streets. Go on a shopping spree and walk the sidewalks of this part of the city.

4. Visit the falls of Cascade Falls
Cascade Falls is located in Elkridge, only a little less than an hour out from JC. It’s a great place to hike and enjoy the outdoors, Cascade Falls offers something special to all of its visitors. The Falls contain many streams and unique waterfalls around the trails. This is also a great place to hike with a friendly pet.

5. Take the family to Boordy Vineyards
Boordy Vineyards is the perfect place for a family day trip. Only a twenty minute drive, this makes this destination very close to home. On weekends, they provide live music and food trucks. Picnic tables are also placed outside providing a place to sit and take in the joyful atmosphere.