TOP TEN Movies not to watch this fall

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

1. Blair Witch Project
The Blair Witch Project follows three film students who venture into a forest in Burkittsville, Maryland, to film a documentary. However, they mysteriously disappear. The footage from the unfinished documentary is found a year later, and this is what the audience watches as the story unfolds. It sounds like a very unique concept, but it is done very poorly. The “found film” aspect makes it very hard to watch.

2. Ma
Octavia Spencer stars in Ma, a movie about a creepy woman who lets teens party in her basement. Spencer has already starred in movies like Hidden Figures and The Help, two very popular, well-written movies. However, Ma is the complete opposite. It is hard to guess why Spencer decided to take on the role of Ma, and why she would take this huge leap backward in her acting career.

3. Midsommar
Midsommar, one of A24’s most prominent films, is about a group of friends who travel to Sweden. The movie takes a dark turn quickly and becomes hard to watch because of gruesome scenes. It’s not a movie that keeps your eyes glued to the screen; in fact, it makes you want to look away.

4. Happy Death Day
Happy Death Day first starts off with the overused idea of one day repeating over and over again. Not only this, but it is also has a sappy love story. If you are looking for something unique and original to watch this Halloween, do not check out Happy Death Day.

5. The Hunt
In The Hunt, it seems as if the director had been trying to create a satirical, yet disturbing, mood to the movie. While it does have some funny moments, you’ll only be laughing because of the horribly-landed jokes and bad acting. If you’re looking for a very serious horror movie, this is not for you.

6. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
Compared to the first and second in the series, the third Conjuring movie is a bust. From the beginning, this film feels very repetitive in comparison to the first two. If you are looking for a frightening movie to watch, consider checking out The Conjuring or The Conjuring 2.

7. Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive is a psychological thriller directed by David Lynch, who is known for his unique and “out of the box” films. Mulholland Drive is no different. While the film is rated very highly, it is extremely confusing and not an easy watch. Unless you have an extreme appreciation for Lynch’s work, you will find yourself wondering why you wasted two hours and thirty minutes of your life.

8. Wrong Turn (2021)
Even for a horror movie, Wrong Turn is a little far-fetched. A group of teens take a “wrong turn” in the woods while camping. From there, things get crazier as they are hunted by people with masks and are either killed or forced to work for them for the rest of their lives. Throughout the movie, things get progressively even more unbelievable.

9. Hubie Halloween
Hubie Halloween is a comedy Halloween film written by Adam Sandler. With all the well-known comedians that are in this movie, one would expect the film to be hysterical. Not only is Hubie Halloween unfunny, but unmemorable. The movie has no horror factor, is very immature, and feels very unoriginal.

10. Ouija (2014)
Ouija (2014) is filled with more teen drama than actual horror. It was received badly by critics as well, scoring a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. This movie will make you want to turn off the TV before the opening credits are rolling.