‘The Guest List’ is an eerie mystery novel to begin your summer

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Summer is nearing, which means wedding season is on the horizon. Many novels portray weddings as joyful and celebratory; however, ‘The Guest List’ by Lucy Foley puts a dark spin on a couple’s special day.

The Guest List is a mystery-thriller novel that takes place on a secluded island near the coast of Ireland. Bride-to-be Julia Kegan and famous TV actor Will Slater invite their guests to the island of Inis a Amplóra to join them as they begin the journey of marriage.
The novel’s point of view rotates through various characters: Julia (the bride), Aoife (the wedding planner), Hannah (the plus-one), Olivia (the maid of honor), and Johnno (the best man). Each character has a unique story and specific reason for attending the wedding. However, many of the characters refrain from telling the reader the entire truth.
The characters’ unreliableness is what makes the novel so captivating. Throughout the book, the narrators slowly begin to answer many unanswered questions the readers have—spilling more and more secrets.
The setting of the novel adds to the sinister vibe. The wedding planner, Aoife, always warns her guests to not wander around the island after dark. However, a few guests disobey her warning and it leads to fatal consequences.
The audiobook for The Guest List is highly recommended and is available from Audible, Amazon, and Libro.fm. In the audiobook, a different voice actor narrates each character’s chapter, making the characters truly come alive.
Shortly after its release, The Guest List was the May 2020 pick for Reese Witherspoon’s book club, Reese’s Book Club. The novel also was the Goodreads Choice Awards winner for Crime & Mystery in 2020.
Foley recently published her newest novel, The Paris Apartment in 2022. Book of the Month, a monthly book subscription club, chose The Paris Apartment as one of their picks for March.
The Guest List is a wonderful read if you are tired of cheesy romance and effortless love. It perfectly combines the right amount of drama and suspense.