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Issue six strikes back

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If for no other reason, this issue of “The Patriot” stands out in history because of one thing:

There’s no article about how great the country fair was.

Even in 1976, when the fair was already a six-year-running tradition, editors couldn’t think of better news to report than “Volunteers and donations are always essentials to the success of the Fair.”  In the 39 years that the fair has been a John Carroll tradition, it has made headlines at least 15 times.

But starting on a bad note is unbecoming of both me and the hard-working journalists that came before me.  Issue six has always  been interesting, to say the least.

Back in the seventies, some students were allowed to smoke on campus. In 1975, the smoking lounge was voted down by the SAC. Seniors could no longer smoke on campus. Fair article titles this issue: “Where is everybody? At the fair of course” and “Country Fair a success.”

“The Patriot” knows how to use irony. Has anyone here ever heard of a ‘Patriette?’ In a 1977 issue and years afterward, the newspaper differentiated boys’ and girls’ teams as such. Ironically, this was done right beside an article about the Equal Rights Amendment. Fair article title: None.  The Patriot staff must have been ambitious that year because issue six was released in March, before the fair could be considered breaking news.

The 1981 issue six of “The Patriot” introduced new-fangled electronic games. “Space Invaders” was formally labeled a “New Temptation” by “Patriot” staffers. The drinking age was still 18, and an extensive article was written on “recent” attempts to raise it. This issue’s fair article title was dubbed “J.C. Fair: Smiling Faces.”

A long forgotten tradition, the faculty play, was a prime topic of the 1983 issue six. The second annual play was called “The Curious Savage,” and proceeds from the event benefited a Senior Scholarship fund to help cut underclassmen tuition.  Sadly, only two current teachers lent their talent to this popular show: Mr. Chrismer and Mr. Gaudreau.  The fair article title this year was, “J.C. Fair.”

For the spring of the Class of 2009’s freshmen year, 2006, “The Patriot” staff adorned the front page with the vaguely suggestive headline “Prom Pleases.” Mr. Del Puppo fought off a beaver (to which the beaver replied, “I was jealous of his hair”), and for some reason we had a book review column.  This year’s thrilling fair article title: “Country Fair phenomenal.”And if you thought history was boring, well, you can repent now. We forgive you.

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Issue six strikes back