Pro V Con: Social media increase student reponsibility

This is the pro argument on the effects of social media on students. To read the con click here.

Times are changing, and teens can’t learn everything they need to know by reading out of textbooks anymore. Our whole world revolves around technology. JC should really consider using more social media in the classroom and changing its overall stance on social media.

What’s clever about using social media in the classroom is that students won’t feel like they are doing schoolwork. Teachers want to have their students engaged in what they are trying to teach, so using these sites can deceive students by associating social media, which is fun, with learning.

As for me, I know if I’m interested in something, I will put a lot of effort into it. On the other hand, if it seemed like a chore to me, I would only do the assignment to get it over with, not to do a quality job.

Using social media to learn will help get students in touch with how the world is learning and become successful as a result. By typing, making charts/graphs, and creating presentations online, students are preparing for college. We need to know the fundamentals of targeting information to a specific market. Granted, not all students will be mature enough to use social media sites for learning. That is up to each individual.

Social media tools would teach us responsibility and self-control. It would be unfair to dismiss the idea of integrating technology into our schoolwork for those that want it because a few people don’t take it seriously.

Additionally, students become more accountable through the use of the site Edmodo. Since teachers use this site to post assignments and projects, it encourages student organization and is easy to use. However, Edmodo needs to be used by every teacher to be effective.

The use of social media would be nothing but beneficial to the JC community. It would prepare students for the future by instilling in them values of responsibility and self control.

Lauren Fabiszak is an A&E Editor for The Patriot and