Senior Project Update: Patzer directs ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ for JC community


Brenna Patzer

      When I arrived at John Carroll, I quickly took note of the importance of the Genocide/Holocaust Awareness programs throughout the school.  We all know that the Senior Project is our most important assignment at JC, so I wanted mine to be spectacular.
      I knew I wanted to do something with theatre, but I wasn’t sure how to mold it into something that I could truly feel proud of for putting on. Therefore, for my Senior Project, I chose to direct, design, and produce a full production of the play The Diary of Anne Frank.
     One of the most memorable moments of the entire experience was the in-school matinée. We had almost a full house of middle school students and teachers who were very responsive to the show. All of those students had been through a Holocaust Unit, so most of them had already read the play in class. I thought it was a really cool chance to be able to bring that story to life before their eyes.
     We even had a Q&A afterwards where the cast was asked questions about what a senior project is, the rehearsal schedule for a show, and how it is different playing real people instead of just characters.
     I am the most proud of the outpouring of appreciation I received from the audiences who came to see my show and from the cast themselves. Through my creative expression, hard work, and undying passion and dedication, I truly feel that I made a difference, and I am so grateful to have been able to experience this through JC and Mrs. Geczy.