Virtual learning to continue while 25% of students come into building for in-person instruction

Madison Elliott, Staff Writer

Virtual learning has been a new experience for many students of all ages all over the country. Members of our John Carroll community have helped gather some tips for this unique school year.

Being organized is crucial while being online. Online learning has made many students become very independent with plenty of new responsibilities. To keep track of everything going on during the school day, make sure you stay organized, focus on managing your time, set up a schedule, and ensure all work gets done on time.
Another major factor of online learning is that it requires students and teachers to be staring at the screens for at least six to seven hours a day, excluding the extra time needed to complete work after school. This can have many negative effects on those staring at screens, so one tip is to find things after the school day to help you get away from these screens.
Utilizing activities that can get you away from screens such as going outside, or just drawing on paper can help give your brain a break and time to take your mind off school for a bit.
Maintaining a social life is also important to remember while online.
Since being virtual, sophomore Logan Levush said he has learned “the importance of being in school not only for the education, but the social aspect as well.”
Keeping in touch with friends during virtual school is one thing that could be helpful as a distraction and bring part of what would normally be done by students, back into their lives. Although being with friends may not be done in the same way as it normally would, you can still try to do things like Face Timing a friend or safely planning a hangout with friends.
Vice Principal for Academics Jake Hollin offered tips and advice in general for online school. He said, “Be flexible; be willing to try new things and learn; be patient.”
Virtual learning is new to all of us, so the best thing to do is not to get frustrated and to be positive. As a community, we are able to support one another and go through this curve together.
Another thing we can do through this tough situation is to try and bring some familiarity back into our lives and look at the positive side of things.
“Always keep the end goal in mind,” Mr. Hollin shared.
Focus on what you are working towards to keep yourself motivated, and know that there is purpose for all the hard work. To look at some positive aspects, enjoy the extra sleep each morning; enjoy the fact that you can be home all day, and look forward to what lies ahead.