Barrow shows her own love for cooking


Allyson Jones, Staff Writer

Despite the global pandemic stopping many traditions, some have still continued. This year many Senior Projects have taken a different approach, with more virtual and technological uses. COVID-19 has motivated senior Camryn Barrow to develop her own skills in the kitchen.

“Although the circumstances are unfortunate, COVID helped me finalize my senior project” Camryn said.
Camryn plans to create a cookbook containing all the recipes that she and her family have made during quarantine.
She said, “This had brought my family and me closer and has given us something fun to do while stuck in the house.”
The coronavirus has definitely affected not only Camryn’s senior project but many others as well with social distancing and other restrictions.
Many businesses where seniors would normally center their projects, such as hospitals and nursing homes have closed, to the public, so plans had to be changed.
Camryn said her original plan was to create a video presentation.
“I wanted to make my senior class video, but because of COVID, I wasn’t able to and had to change my plans because I can’t be around too many people, so I had to improvise” Camryn said.
Students received information regarding Senior Projects virtually for the first time from administration.
They are due and scheduled to be finished in March.
Camryn said, ”Mrs. Gezcy emails us about our assignments. Also we have scheduled virtual meetings with her.”
Although challenging, information was relayed effectively for students to complete their Senior Projects.
Camryn is very excited to complete her own project.
She said, “My favorite thing I’ve made is definitely pumpkin bread especially since it is now fall.”
“I love to eat, so I saw the chance to learn how to cook and eat as well, I learned a lot of new recipes and recipes from my mom for foods she used to make for my siblings and me,” Camryn said.
Camryn is working on her cookbook and is excited to reveal the finished product.