Meals on Wheels serves Central Maryland area


Meghan Kerr, Contributing Writer

Have you ever forgotten your lunch at home only to go to school stranded with no food? Or have you been at home and said with frustration, “There’s nothing to eat!”

Sadly, being stranded without food is a reality for many people in Maryland. The elderly, people with severe health conditions, and people with no support from family or friends are constantly in need of meals that they have a hard time getting themselves.
Luckily, there’s Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland.
Meals on Wheels is a program located in Baltimore that prepares meals for adults to be delivered to their doorsteps. Meals on Wheels is a program that is crucial for the well-being of adults and their families all across Maryland.
Emily Trotter, the assistant director of MOW, said, “[Meals on Wheels] not only helps the clients stay in their homes where they want to be,; it also helps the clients’ families have peace of mind knowing their aging relatives are being fed and looked after.”
From March 16 to September 17, Meals on Wheels has prepared and delivered over 1.6 million meals to about 3000 clients in need.
Many of the clients who MOW serves are below the poverty line, meaning they strongly rely on this service to get food and to survive.
Meals on Wheels does not only specialize in delivering meals to the less fortunate; in fact, MOW has many other volunteer programs ranging from grocery shopping for clients to calling the clients to prevent them from being socially isolated.
“With that extra assistance the clients can remain in their homes and age in place with dignity,” Ms. Trotter said.
Meals on Wheels is equipped with a program called the Teen Ambassador Program (TAP). The TAP program gives teenagers a chance to work hands-on at MOW: packing meals, working in the kitchen, and making boxes for the meals.
The program also allows teens to participate in online seminars each week to learn about Meals on Wheels, what they stand for, and how they’re run.
If you are interested in meeting great people, helping those in need, or even getting approximately 30 service hours, Meals on Wheels’ 10-week TAP program is for you.
Sign up for the program is available at, so you can help your community with Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland.