Ward family has five members in the building this year


Madison Elliott, Staff Writer

In a unique situation already with the pandemic, this year is special for the Wards in their own way. Two sets of twins, freshmen and seniors, and a teacher from the same family are all in the same building at the same time.

The last time these siblings were in the same building was back when the two sets of twins were in second and fifth grades at Saint Margaret School. This means the siblings have not been in the same building since elementary school.
The older siblings, seniors Giovanna and Brendan, will be able to help younger sisters Lydia and Julia through their first year in high school as Lydia and Julia are entering JC during one of the most chaotic school years for just about everyone.
Science teacher, Angela Ward, described how her children have a great relationship with each other, “They are only three years apart in age and always have gotten along.”
Giovanna said, “I’ve had fun showing my sisters around and helping them adjust to high school. I’m looking forward to being in the building more with them and seeing them around school.”
Giovanna was also able to share her experience regarding having her mom with her in the same building as well.
“I find it fun for her to be my teacher, and it’s something very few people experience. It’s also nice because I go into her classroom all the time to hang out and talk to her,” Giovanna said.
Mrs. Ward said, “It really is fun being their teacher. It is a unique situation, and I’m so happy I have had the chance to teach them what I’m passionate about. Everyone always asks me, ‘what do they call you in class?’ They call me Mom.”
It is rare that parents are able to work in the same environment with their children during the day.
Giovanna enjoys being in school with her family and said, “I don’t think I would change anything. It’s certainly not a normal high school experience, but it’s definitely something I’ve grown to appreciate as very few people experience something like this.”
With such an interesting year ahead, Mrs. Ward said, “I hope my children have as normal as possible senior and freshman year. I’m so happy that they were able to come to school, and I hope things continue to get better, and they will get to be on campus more.”