Marlow & Burns aim to help students

Senior Project Spotlight

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Elizabeth Marlow’s and Sydney Burns’ senior project is a Peer Tutoring Program in which students may get assistance from tutors in classes they are struggling with.

Elizabeth and Sydney are going to help pair tutors with the students seeking help and run the program for the rest of the year with the help of junior Annelise Lakatta.
Annelise said, “It’s cool how we are given the opportunity to help students in need by working with them to study, do homework, and help with the overall aspect of online learning. It also allows students to get service hours and fulfills NHS requirements.”
Sydney Burns explained that she chose this as her senior project because she was “very interested in it the minute I heard they wanted people to help run it. I know this year can be difficult in some classes for many people, so I think offering the program to everyone will help a lot of people.”
Sydney and Elizabeth are looking forward to “seeing the outcome of the project.”
Sydney further explained that she is “already learning that there are several students who are interested in helping in any way they can, and it is nice to see them interested in wanting to help.”
She’s also “excited to learn and see if this program will help students and if it can make a big difference.”
For their project to be completed, they need to have a good number of tutors who are helping other students and that their sessions are helpful and informative. They said, “The goal is to have students see progress in the classroom and grades by the end of this program.”
Sydney is most concerned about “the outcome of the project.”
Sydney, Annelise, and Elizabeth are, so far, seeing that there are “great results with the number of students who are interested in being tutor.”
Sydney said, “We are about to introduce the idea to every student and will be looking at responses following it.”
To further complete their project they need to “get in touch with students so that they are aware of the program and. hopefully, will reach out for a tutor.”
So far they “have multiple responses from students who want to be tutors, help make study sheets, or even just help students get organized.”
Sydney said, “This project affects my life because it is another thing I must stay on top of and to make sure is organized. I stay organized by meeting weekly with the students who are also in charge of running the program. I enjoy having them help because they bring new ideas to the program. It also is helpful because we all split up the work so that we can get things done quicker.”
The most important part of the Senior Project for Annelise, Sydney, and Elizabeth is that “other people are benefiting from the project because the tutors are having the opportunity to earn service hours and service requirements for the NHS. The students who seek tutors will hopefully benefit from the sessions and will see progress by the end.”
Sydney added, “It’s always great to help people in need, and that’s what I love about my project.”
Let Sydney Burns or Elizabeth Marlow know if you are interested in either making study guides or Quizlets over the course of the year as this might be a good way to get service hours even if you are busy in the year and can’t be a full-time tutor.
If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, you should send them an email with your interest, and they will send out the forms and training manual for tutoring.