Kozera combines love of art & animals

Senior Project Spotlight

Allyson Jones, Staff Writer

Lauren Kozera started her Senior Project from her passion for art and animals. She drew a children’s coloring book titled ‘Around the World Animals: an ABC Coloring Book.’

Lauren has always been interested in animals and art; combining these two passions inspired her Senior Project. When considering her Senior Project, Lauren said, “I knew I wanted to do something animal related. In addition, as a Fine Arts student, my Senior Project had to have an art component. I combined my two passions, and the result was an animal-based coloring book.”
Since she was a child, Lauren has always had an interest in animals.
She commented, “For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved animals. I grew up with them. In similarity, there was never a time I did not like art. Since I was little, I’ve always loved drawing, coloring, and painting.”
COVID-19 has put limits on many Senior Projects as the options are limited due to social distancing and shutdowns. One of Lauren’s biggest challenges was having to change her initial idea due to the pandemic.
“The biggest challenge I had with the Senior Project was getting started. My time management skills were poor; however, with the help of a strict schedule I was able to finish my project in a timely manner…If COVID-19 never happened, I most likely would have chosen to intern at an animal facility. However, COVID changed my plans as it was difficult to complete an internship while many facilities were closed… but overall, I am extremely happy with the result,” Lauren said.
Like many students, she also struggled with time management and finding time in her schedule to find time to work on the coloring book. Lauren credits her success by creating a strict schedule, so she was able to finish her project in a timely manner.
When Lauren was finished with her coloring book, she printed copies and gave them to her family members. She said, “My dad’s help was instrumental in completing my Senior Project. After I had completed the cover page and the pages inside, he scanned the pages and sent them to be printed.” The result was a professional looking coloring book.
She and her family were surprised with the positive feedback was received.
“The children absolutely loved my coloring book. I have received many pictures and responses back from happy parents and children. I love seeing what others have done with my drawings, and parents love that their children are learning about new animals they were otherwise unfamiliar with,” Lauren said.
“From this project, I have bettered my time management and art skills. I learned that work is only as hard as you do. This project became a fun break from my typical art pieces instead of a stressful extra assignment.”
Lauren plans to continue working with animals and pursuing her passion for art.