Senior puts humorous spin on podcasts

Senior Project Spotlight


Jackson Williams, Staff Writer

Tommy Sukiennik has always had the ability to talk.

His senior year alone was largely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and with it, his Senior Project as well. He decided to dedicate his Senior Project to something that not only makes him happy but tries to bring joy to the lives of his viewers.
“For my Senior Project, I am doing a talk show-podcast to help connect people in a social, positive, and fun way despite separation and the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Regarding what he does with these videos, he explained that his show is versatile and could have pretty much anything that comes to mind.
“I do small business shout-outs, short videos, live videos, polls, and food reviews.”
Tommy drew inspiration from professionals to come up with his own brand and said, “I decided to do something, and from listening to the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ and watching ‘Jimmy Fallon,’ I invented talkinwithtommy.”
With the difficulty that came from the COVID-19 pandemic, Tommy used his best asset to come up with new ideas for his new show: talking. A poll taken on his Instagram page found a large number of his followers were affected.
“The COVID-19 pandemic situation made a lot of people sad and detached from friends. I took a poll, and it showed that 85% of people on my Instagram were affected,” said Tommy. “I knew since I loved to talk, I could put that to good use by making a show out of it.”
His ability to simply entertain people has been well known throughout his tenure at John Carroll. When referring to his goals in making his short videos, Tommy said, “I love making people happy, whether that be through my humor, my relatable stories, or just through connecting people and giving them a platform”
Tommy has seen immediate success, mainly from his classmates tuning in. His plan is to keep his show going past his senior year, and even into his post college life.
“I plan to do it after senior year, through college, and so on. If I really find that it is my true calling and I can make a living off of it, I will do it as my full-time job, but for now school comes first.”
Tommy’s decision to use his abilities as a pure entertainer has had the desired effect on his peers, from his food reviews to his business interviews and even to his random videos.