Swart dives deep into body knowledge

Senior Project Spotlight


Madison Elliott, News Editor

Bailey Swart has dedicated her Senior Project to sharing her love for medicine and learning about the human body.

The main goal for Bailey’s project is to create a “human-sized body flip book, showing each of the body’s organs and describing what system it is involved in, what it looks like, and describing what it does in that particular body system.”
The project has the basis that Bailey will create a flip-book giving each organ a page in the book. She plans to order them chronologically as to how they are layered in the human body.
Bailey first realized her strong passion for medicine and the human body through her high school classes. She said, “Before I transferred to John Carroll, I went to Havre de Grace and was accepted into the Biomedical Sciences program.”
This program had quickly become Bailey’s favorite as it helped expand her knowledge of the human body, which became a strong topic of interest for her. She said, “I grew to love learning about each organ and the complexity and the nature that it holds.”
This is when Bailey then followed through with this passion at John Carroll. “When I transferred to John Carroll, I immediately signed up for the Anatomy and Physiology class.”
After signing up for this program, she was excited because she realized how much of the class material she had previously known or had been familiar with.
As Bailey gets to learn more and expand her knowledge, she has set goals for her project.
“My goal is to help other students get a better feel and understanding as to where each organ is located and to help students understand how crucial each organ is,” she said.
As for the progress, Bailey is almost finished the notes to begin putting those into the physical flip-book.
Through researching for her project, she had said, “The project has only deepened my knowledge in each human body system. It’s taught me how amazing and how intricate and beautiful our bodies are.”
Bailey already had a strong admiration for the human body, but after her much deeper research, her admiration has grown further.
In the future, Bailey plans on going towards becoming a cardiologist or an ER doctor.
Bailey expressed how she believes “we all must love our body and what it does for us, inside and out.” This was the motive for her project.