Amato explores the art of jewelry making

Senior Project Spotlight


Allyson Jones, Staff Writer

Ashley Amato has dedicated her senior project to making an informational project about the art of jewelry after being inspired by her father’s line of work.

The goal of Ashley’s project is to share new information about the art of jewelry and its making, tools and the steps it takes to have a successful creation.
She was inspired by her father’s line of work as a jeweler. “At first, I had no idea what I wanted to do for my project until I talked to my parents and realized my dad’s job is something really unique and not everyone knows jewelers around the Bel Air area,” Ashley said.
Being a jeweler, one must have eye for detail, precision, and control. She received a lot of help from her father in learning and exploring the art of jewelry making.
Ashley commented, “My dad has been my main helper in my project because the project is essentially about him. He is the one who knows about it all, and he has been trying to teach me.”
Her Senior Project has allowed her and her father to spend more time together, and they are now closer than ever.
Within the pandemic, Senior Projects have been a challenge for students as there are now more guidelines and challenges.
Ashley had to change her initial plan into a totally different project. She said, “If COVID never hit, I would have chosen to do a career project on what I want to major in, and I would’ve shadowed a surgical tech in a hospital… The pandemic hasn’t impacted this Senior Project.”
Despite having to create a Senior Project that was pandemic-friendly and having her original idea not be feasible, Ashley expressed that now it has opened her eyes to new hobbies and ideas. She never knew the real skill it took to make jewelry, and she admires her father’s line of work.
“The only thing I would say is that I wish it wasn’t as hard to make jewelry so that I could make more things… I definitely did not get my father’s skill,” Ashley said.
Despite not being able to do her original project idea, Ashley said, “I wouldn’t have done anything differently because everything was kind of already in its place. I didn’t need to put much thought into this project to be successful.”
She has gotten great feedback from her peers, parents, and teachers.