Class presidents reflect on this school year

While some normal annual events had to be canceled, other events were planned


Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Class elections took place a year ago to select the leaders that would represent their classes. Now, a year later, the four class presidents break down how they served their classes this past year.

Freshman class president Paige Martin took on a new role as a Patriot leader beginning last fall. She said her first year serving was “definitely new” for her. Paige added, “I didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up having an amazing experience. I met so many friends through being class president, and I loved knowing that I played a part in making this year the best possible, even with COVID-19 restrictions.”
Alongside the Vice President, Mia Snellenburg, Paige Martin has contributed to and planned many events this year with the help of class modertors Mrs. Allison Hall and Dr. Anthony Davidson.
She added, “Most recently, we had our Freshman Easter Egg Hunt. We had an amazing turn out, and I can’t wait to help with all future events.”
Paige made it clear that “it’s no surprise this was a hard year for everyone.” One of her biggest challenges as class president was “trying to come up with COVID-19 friendly ideas for events for the class.” She said, “I can’t wait to help the class have the best possible experience while staying safe and healthy.”
Paige wants the freshman class to know that “in times like these, it’s important to be resilient. The Class of 2024 showed their resilience when they had to start their John Carroll years, not knowing what this school is normally like. We have so much hope moving forward and we can’t wait to experience JC at its best.”
Ryan Skandalis served as sophomore class president this school year. His favorite memory has been “Mr. Goedeke asking me every other class what the school updates and events are.”
Ryan added, “The biggest challenge I faced being class president was creating fun social events for the sophomores. Having our freshman in-person year cut short [last year], we missed opportunities to bond and meet new people. I knew it was so important for the class officers to organize events that would promote friendships and fun. However, due to limited options for these events, organizing these events has taken a lot of creativity.”
“Next year, I hope the SGA is able to have a homecoming and a pep rally. I hope SGA is able to have plenty of in-person events that we were unable to do this crazy year,” Ryan said.
The Junior Class President was Mark Ghattas. Mark was tasked, along with the rest of the junior class SGA board, with putting together the most important event of the year for juniors: getting their ring.
Mark said, “I think Junior Ring went very well. We all know that it couldn’t be normal, but we were able to celebrate it as a class this year, which I think is the most important aspect. We didn’t have to separate it by last name, and we were all able to celebrate our accomplishment together.”
Mark is already planning ahead for the class’ senior year. “For next year, I hope to see the class of 2022 take advantage of the opportunities JC provides and step out of their comfort zone, talk to new people, or try a new club. Next year will be our last at JC, and we should make the most of it. I think if we’re willing to step out of our comfort zones, then we’re willing to grow.”
Chase Vogel spent his last year at JC serving as senior class president. He said his most important goal was “making sure that every senior’s last memories at the school were special and memorable.”
He added, “I’m glad I get to remember my last year of high school, knowing that I served my classmates to the best of my abilities.”
His favorite memory of SGA this year “is hard to pinpoint to one specific memory, but it has been all my meetings once a cycle with Mrs. Howe, Mr. Hensley and the other two class officers. I loved the meetings because we were able to come together and try and solve new issues as they developed with COVID-19.”
To conclude each class’s year there will be class socials that will be held after school on May 26 for juniors, June 1 for sophomores, and June 3 for freshmen.
The class presidents worked through obstacles and made the 2020-2021 school year special for each of the classes they served.
Students will hear about class elections for the 2021-2022 year from their class moderators. Elections themselves will be held in a few weeks.