Senior class boasts four sets of twins

Four x Two


Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

JC this year was lucky enough to have four sets of twins in this year’s graduating class: Giovanna and Brendan Ward, Marcus and Colin Hudson, Jack and Alex Capurso, and Matthew and Evan Andrychowski.

The overall opinion shared by all the twins was best put by Brendan Ward was, “Being a twin is pretty cool.”
Giovanna and Brendan Ward, along with Matthew and Evan Andrychowski, even have another set of twin siblings.
These sets of twins have been experiencing school together since a young age. Marcus Hudson said, “Going to school with a twin isn’t much different from what’s like at home. Some days we are like best friends and talk throughout the day, and in others, it’s like we don’t even know each other. Overall, I think it was good to have a twin go to school with me because I always knew I had at least one person who could help me when I had a problem and vice versa.”
Evan Andrychowski and Jack Capurso agreed that it was nice going to high school with a twin because they always had someone to talk to.”
The Hudson twins added, “The best part about being a twin overall would probably be that I always have a friend if I need one, and I always have someone to rely on.”
The Capurso twins agreed on this statement and the Andrychowskis added, “The best part was helping each other on our homework.”
Just like a normal sibling relationship, there are ups and downs. When it came to the worst part about having a twin, Marcus said that it “would probably be driving to school every morning together. That’s usually how most disagreements start, whether it’s when we leave or how we get there.”
Jack said the worst part was the “embarrassing childhood stories” that are shared.
However, the Wards and Andrychowskis admitted they could not think of one bad part about being a twin.
Each of the senior sets of twins are extremely connected through spending their lives always together. However, college means the twins’ relationships may take a long distance approach.
The Wards will be attending college apart as Brendan is going to the University of Maryland and Giovanna attends Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Giovanna commented, “Brendan and I are going to different colleges which will be really strange as it will be the farthest we’ve ever been away from each other. . . I’m definitely going to miss him a lot, but we’re going to face time and talk on the phone frequently.”
Marcus said, “We are going to different schools that are about six hours away from each other. I expect our relationship to grow stronger because we have both basically seen each other every day for 18 years, and sometimes it’s important to have a little break from each other, even in the best of relationships. I think the distance will make us realize how important our relationship really is. Distance makes the heart grow fonder or something like that.”
Evan commented, “Since we are both staying local for college, I expect our relationship to be the same, but going to different schools will be tough because our schedules will change a lot.”
Jack and Alex Capurso will continue their educational journey together attending James Madison University in the fall. Because of going to college together, the twins “don’t expect their relationship to change much.”
The chance of having a twin sibling is low, but being able to experience high school and college together is rarer.