Spring’s love for animals inspires project

Senior Project Spotlight


Aeowynn Ayres, Assistant Entertainment Editor

Olivia Spring has dedicated her Senior Project to giving back to the Harford Humane Society, an animal protection center in Fallston.

Ever since she was little, Olivia has been fostering kittens. This love for fostering kittens was the inspiration for her Senior Project.
Olivia said, “I have been fostering kittens since I was in first grade. I’ve kept two of my foster kittens, and they mean everything to me. I really wanted to give back to the Humane Society by fostering more kittens this year and collecting donations.”
She collected the donations by mailing letters to businesses like Target, Walmart, Petco, and Pet Smart. She also had a donation box in the front of the school.
Olivia said, “My least favorite part was contacting businesses to ask for donations… It took me about three months to hand out the flyers and collect all of the donations.”
Olivia’s favorite thing about the project was fostering the baby kittens.
“I love watching them grow up and get adopted,” she commented.
Throughout this project, she enjoyed learning about the animals in need and how to help nurture them.
Olivia explained, “I have a big kitten cage that the kittens stay in. My mom and I buy lots of different kinds of kitten food to see which kinds they like the best. We get them new toys, too.”
Kittens can be adopted beginning at eight weeks old, so the time Olivia spends with them varies. Every fall, she fosters up to three liters.
Many Senior Projects have had to be altered due to the pandemic; fortunately for Olivia, the COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions have not affected her project much.
Olivia plans on working with the Harford Humane Society in the future, and she also plans on continuing to foster kittens.