Cindy Nguyen writes & illustrates children’s book


Madison Elliott, News Editor

Senior Cindy Nguyen has begun her Senior Project of making a bilingual children’s book, half in Vietnamese and the other half translated into English.

For this project, she has already begun work on this book with 12 pages completed so far.
On each page, she has images of her story, and the lines being written in Vietnamese with an English translation below.
The plot of this story is about the lives of a mother bird and a fox.
The fox wants the bird to get food to protect her nest and avoid harm. The mother bird goes on multiple quests to fulfill the fox’s wishes.
On the pages, the images are full in bright color with the lines being separated by color, Vietnamese in black with English in red.
This story has two major aspects. The portion being bilingual and the drawings are aspect of her book that are very important to Cindy.
Cindy and Senior Project Coordinator Mrs. Louise Geczy came up with this topic as she took two things she knows well. She decided, “I can draw and write a story about two languages using my home language.”
Cindy is a part of the National Art Honor Society, which is one of the reasons she wanted to complete this project.
The drawings are also her favorite part of this project. So far, the drawing aspect has proven challenging. “I really like drawing; it is just taking a lot of time.”
“I have learned patience the most because I have been spending so much time coloring,” Cindy said.
This is something that Cindy has been able to take from her project. She also hopes others are able to take a piece of her homeland, Vietnam, with them.
Progress that is still being done includes the covers and additions to the story, but there has been great work done so far.
For the finished project, she hopes to give the book to primary schools for the children to read, learn from, and enjoy.