Lakatta writes her own vegetarian cookbook

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Annelise Lakatta wanted her Senior Project to combine important aspects of her life. However, her question focused on which aspects.

This question was answered when Annelise started taking an AP Environmental Science class in the fall. She said, “Learning about how important it is to lower our carbon footprint and be environmentally conscious was fascinating to me.”
This made Annelise start to question what she could do to look out more for the environment. She said, “After listening in class and doing my own research, I learned that meat consumption is responsible for excess greenhouse gases being released into the air. Gases such as methane and CO2 can have devastating effects like global warming and climate change.”
This was when Annelise decided to become a vegetarian. With this new path, Annelise had to figure out how to adjust to her new lifestyle. She said, “It wasn’t as complicated as I had imagined to not eat meat. It was more of a challenge to think of new ways to cook meals.”
That’s when Annelise found what she wanted to do for her Senior Project. “I want to be able to assist people who were in the same position. I was learning new ways to cook vegetarian meals. I also want to encourage other people to consider becoming vegetarian in order to look out for the environment.”
Ever since Annelise was young, she always enjoyed cooking with her family. It was a “bonding experience” for her and the people she cares about. Because of her experience cooking, Annelise has a “creative eye for what goes into a recipe.”
Annelise’s cookbook will feature all unique recipes that she has crafted. She said, “I have made each of the recipes in my cookbook, so I can assure that they are delicious and easy to make. Not only does all the food taste good, but it’s healthy for people and the Earth.”
Over the course of her project, Annelise has learned, “It’s not a lot of effort to look out for our planet. I pictured becoming vegetarian to be a struggle, but it has been the opposite. I’m excited to finish my cookbook and have the final product to share with my friends and family so they can try out some of the recipes.”
Annelise provided some advice to rising seniors who are brainstorming about their Senior Projects. She said, “When you’re passionate and invested in the topics surrounding your project, it makes the processes enjoyable and fun. I don’t even feel like this project has been school-based because it involves one of my hobbies. I would choose a project you want to put all your extra time into because it’s what you love.”